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Microtubules, polymers of α- and β- tubulin dimers, undergo diverse posttranslational modifications (PTMs) that are key components of an emerging "tubulin code" that seems to play key roles in regulating microtubule properties and functions (Janke, C. (2014). J Cell Biol. 206:461Gadadhar, S. et al., (2017). J Cell Sci. 130:1347). The core structure of mammalian cilia and flagella are microtubule-based structures called the axonemes. which are rich in tubulin PTMs and their perturbations can lead to various pathological disorders (Janke, C & Magiera, MM. (2020) Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol. 21(6):307). Most studies understanding the role of tubulin PTMs in cilia have focussed on motile cilia like the sperm flagella and the tracheal cilia with little or no understanding of the role of these PTMs in regulating functions of primary cilia.

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