The Team

Who We Are

Sudarshan Gadadhar

Principal Investigator

Postdoc, Institut Curie, Paris 

PhD., Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 

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I trained as a biochemist and cell biologist during my PhD in Prof. Anjali Karande's lab at the Indian Institute of Science, working on developing immunotoxins for targeted cancer therapy. I then moved to Institut Curie for my postdoctoral research in Prof. Carsten Janke's lab where I studied the role of tubulin posttranslational modifications in regulating motile cilia and flagella in mammals. I continue to understand the tubulin code and its impact on mammalian cilia and flagella. 

Work aside, I am an amateur photographer, with a penchant for music.  

Prajwal Koushik

Project Associate

Manish Poojary

Project Associate

I hold a Master's degree in Molecular biology from Yuvaraja's College, University of Mysore. As part of my Masters' thesis dissertation, I worked on Analysis of PIP4K2A Interaction with Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 4E Binding Protein-1 (eIF4EBP1) in Dr Vasudevan Seshadri's lab at the National Centre for Cell Science, Pune. Currently, I am studying how tubulin glutamylation and glycylation regulate microtubule-protein interactions in cilia using biochemical and in vitro approaches with purified components. 

In my free time, I explore historical places admiring the ancient knowledge and marvels of art and architecture

I did my MSc in Molecular biology and Human genetics from Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal. I then joined as an intern in Prof. Colin Jamora's lab at the Institute for Stem Cell Science and Regenerative Medicine (inStem), where I worked on wound healing and hair follicle neogenesis. I'm currently investigating the role of two tubulin PTMs, glutamylation and glycylation affect processes within primary cilia in different ciliating cells.